Neutron Radiography and neutron imaging solutions are a specialty of Nray Services Inc. Head Office: 56A Head Street Dundas Ontario, Canada L9H 3H7 Phone: 905.627.1302 Fax: 905.627.5022  The term nray can also be spelled n-ray or NR
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Our primary service is the neutron-radiographic inspection of manufactured parts used within industrial applications. We inspect both new components and those requiring in-service inspection. Our most common application has been the inspection of air-cooled jet-engine turbine blades. There are other examinations that can be performed more effectively with neutron radiography than with other non-destructive testing techniques such as X-ray or ultrasonics. We have experience with examinations of objects ranging from archaeological artifacts to high-reliability explosives, airframe sections and nuclear fuels.

Neutron Radiography has been successful in detecting:

    •  The reliability of detonators in explosive devices. (PDF Sample)
    •  The presence of transmitters and receivers within high-reliability explosives.
    •  Explosive loading uniformity. (PDF Sample)
    •  Internal flaws such as cracks, inclusions (PDF Sample), voids (PDF Sample), bubbles, foreign materials (PDF Sample), density variations (PDF Sample), and misalignments (PDF Sample) .
    •  Braze quality and the presence of braze materials in manufactured parts. (PDF Sample)
    •  Capacitator delamination.
    •  Bonding flaws in adhesives.
    •  Radioactive objects such as a gamma source in its shielding.
    •  Reliability of air bag or parachute initiators. (PDF Sample)
    •  The authenticity of artifacts uncovered through archaeological digs.(PDF Sample)
    •  Corrosion within aluminum products. (PDF Sample)
    •  Missing or misplaced O-rings. (PDF Sample)
    •  Hydrogenous foreign substances in sealed units. (PDF Sample)