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NR Contrast Calculator

Note: JavaScript must be enabled on your browser for this neutron radiography contrast calculator to work.

When one wants to determine if an inclusion of one material can be seen within another material, one needs to determine the contast between the two materials. This calculator gives the neutron radiographic contrast between two materials, based on the data entered. The contrast must be greater than 2% for the objects to be distinguishable from each other when using film.

Enter the values below for the materials of interest:

Starting Values
Linear Attenuation Coefficient of the inclusion material (cm-1)
Linear Attenuation Coefficient of the primary material (cm-1)
Thickness of the inclusion material (cm)
Thickness of the part material (cm)

Neutron beam intensity through primary material
Neutron beam intensity through both materials
% contrast between the two materials

If the % contrast between the two materials is less than 2% the contrast is insufficient to be visualized with Neutron Radiography using film.