Neutron Radiography and neutron imaging solutions are a specialty of Nray Services Inc. Head Office: 56A Head Street Dundas Ontario, Canada L9H 3H7 Phone: 905.627.1302 Fax: 905.627.5022  The term nray can also be spelled n-ray or NR
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Radiography Products


Neutron Radiography Products

We manufacture a series of vacuum cassettes for neutron radiography using metal foils or Gd vapour-deposited foils. Our cassettes are designed to operate without pumping during exposure, but can, of course, be pumped continuously. All cassettes are proof-tested before shipping and are required to hold vacuum for 24 hours. Standard sizes are 5 X 7 inches, 8 X 10 inches, and 14 X 17 inches. Other sizes can be manufactured upon request.

We also manufacture the ASTM E545 BPI and SI, according to the most recently-published versions of the ASTM E545 standard. These indicators are very useful not only for commercial neutron radiography but also for the characterization of beams and images for research purposes. We maintain a small inventory of these items to ensure quick delivery. In addition to the items that we manufacture ourselves, we distribute many other items that are useful for neutron radiographers... including activation foils, detectors, converters, film, electronic imaging systems and shielding materials. If you need it for neutron radiography, we can probably supply it for you!