Neutron Radiography and neutron imaging solutions are a specialty of Nray Services Inc. Head Office: 56A Head Street Dundas Ontario, Canada L9H 3H7 Phone: 905.627.1302 Fax: 905.627.5022  The term nray can also be spelled n-ray or NR
  "Inspecting, detecting and protecting for a safer tomorrow" - We are ISO 9001 Registered
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Neutron Radiography (NR) Solutions are our specialty

Welcome to Nray Services Inc.

Nray Services Inc. utilizes neutron radiography technology licensed from Atomic Energy of Canada Limited to perform non-destructive testing examinations for a wide range of international customers. In addition to providing inspection services to aerospace, defence and high reliability explosives clients, Nray Services Inc. manufactures and distributes equipment and materials for neutron radiography facilities worldwide.

Nray Services Inc. also offers training programs for neutron radiographers and provides expert consulting services in the development and implementation of neutron radiography facilities.

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