Neutron Radiography and neutron imaging solutions are a specialty of Nray Services Inc. Head Office: 56A Head Street Dundas Ontario, Canada L9H 3H7 Phone: 905.627.1302 Fax: 905.627.5022  The term nray can also be spelled n-ray or NR
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Neutron Radiography (NR) Solutions are our specialty

Welcome to Nray Services Inc.

Neutron Radiography testing and neutron imaging ( a.k.a neutron attenuation ) are the core NDT services provided by Nray Services Inc. Utilizing specialized neutron imaging and attenuation technologies Nray Services Inc. performs non-destructive testing examinations for a wide range of international and global customers. Nray Services Inc. is a world leader in the field of neutron radiography. Neutron radiography is sometimes referred to with the terms NR, (NR), nray, n-ray, 'neutron imaging' or 'neutron attenuation'. In addition to providing neutron radiography or neutron imaging inspection services to aerospace, defence and high reliability explosives clients, Nray Services Inc. manufactures, distributes and resells neutron radiography and imaging supplies, equipment and materials. These radiography, imaging and neutron attenuation supplies include indicators, conversion screens and vacuum cassettes and are used by both neutronradiography and other radiography, imaging and attenuation facilities around the globe.

Nray Services Inc. also offers neutron radiography training programs for radiographers and provides expert consulting services in the development and implementation of neutronradiography facilities. Quality training in neutron radiography and radiographic imaging can be difficult to find. Our professional neutronradiography consulting staff would be pleased to aid in the development of personalized corporate radiography training program to help you acheive your radiography, imaging and attenuation goals.

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Neutron Radiography was used to create this image of a Rose
Nray is proud to be selling artistic prints made using neutron radiography! To view our online catalogue of images click here or on the rose above. You too can have your very own neutron radiographic print shipped directly to your home. Buy one today!